To create a taxi range of fashion industry standard - Xin He Li invited to participate in the
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Autumn in October is a bumper season, Xin Heiting in this season for the future of the brand diversification of the promotion of the fashion bright color, by the Zhejiang Hardware Association, Zhejiang Cheng Yu brand planning operations center and abundance fashion film and television media Limited Invitation, Xin Heinei will cooperate to participate in "Zhejiang culture trial week activities" to create the local industry in Zhejiang fashion elements


Event Name: Zhejiang Culture Fashion Week

Event organizer: love + community

Activities planning: Zhejiang Cheng Yu brand planning operation center activity period of three months, the whole network platform coverage

Activities co-organized: 8 representatives of the most fashionable elements of Yongkang units

Venue: Zhejiang Yongkang Exhibition Center

Event Finals: New Year's Day 2018

Xin Heidelity - will lead into a taxi industry brand synonymous with fashion brand, let us wait and see this fashion celebration it!