Mission - China 's authority to witness the power of Xin He Li quality
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  They are Xin Heite of the pilot, they have a passionate dream and ahead of the eyes, they guide all the hearts of people who have a caravan complex forward direction.


  October 16, is a special day, Xin Heili dual-mode inverter electric car in China's East China's most authoritative industry testing organizations radius of the Group Co., Ltd. awarded the "extended range electric two-wheeler" industry standards, become domestic The first company in the field with the industry standard has created a prerequisite for the standardization of the market.




  How far a career can go, the need for culture to have a dream of people together, a good corporate culture, just like the voyage of the lighthouse, with light to lead all the people, toward the same direction. Xin Xinli has been committed to becoming the benchmark for the taxi industry, as China's industry's most influential brand, because of this one insisted, attracting the taxi industry's best talent go hand in hand!




  And Xin Heine together, and dream counterparts, as "dreamer" crowned. Every step of the effort will be made to create the inevitable success, because with a never give up the heart, we will go to the pinnacle of life, lead more people to take off the future!