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Dear users: Thank you for using the company's electric car, in order to protect your legitimate rights and interests, please read and strictly abide by the following relevant standards and precautions. When you use the car, please check on the spot, debug and The right to require the sales ......
First, note

respected user:
           Thank you for your wise choice, extended range dual-mode electric vehicle is a high-tech green products, handsome and unique design, safe and reasonable design, rest assured that climbing, is the ideal means of transport.
           For your convenience, safe and reliable riding, we carefully prepared this manual. Please users before using, to understand the characteristics of extended mode dual-mode electric vehicles, technical parameters, the correct use of methods, maintenance knowledge, safety precautions, after-sales service and so on.

Please note that users:
           1. before riding, please read the "manual", do not understand the extended range dual-mode electric car, please do not operate the car.
           2. is strictly prohibited to change or remove the vehicle related parts or lines, for help, please contact the sales business.
           3. to ensure safe ride, before each use, please check the brake system is intact.
           4. for the safety of others, please do not rush the electric car will not operate the people riding, is strictly prohibited underage, pregnant women and hands and feet inconvenience to use.
           5. please abide by the traffic rules, rain and snow days and slippery areas should slow down, ride to maintain a safe distance, to prevent the brake.
           6. the car is not afraid of rain and snow weather, but can not wade, when the water level flooded to the rear wheel motor hub, the vehicle will cause internal short circuit and damage the controller. Water depth does not exceed one-third of the diameter of the flood lot, please slowly through, anti-water splash splash to the controller.
           7. the battery box of the two metal contacts can not touch the same hand, but can not contact with the metal at the same time, or produce a large short-circuit current caused by the accident.
           8. digital frequency power start state, is strictly prohibited from the battery pack, or damage to electrical parts.
           9. the old battery by the sales business unified treatment, to avoid environmental pollution.
           10. is strictly prohibited in the air does not flow where the use of the car, in the digital frequency of power operation will produce exhaust gas, can lead to a short period of time coma, long time or even death.
           11. the "manual" icon may not match with the actual product, only as a schematic statement to the actual sales of products shall prevail, not as a basis for testing products.

Pre-ride check

           1. tire pressure is normal?

           2. before and after the wheel is locked, the front wheel tightening nut tightening torque 60-70Nm, rear wheel nut tightening torque 80-90Nm.

           3. brake debugging should be reliable, flexible reset, rain and snow days should increase the braking distance.

Storage and unloading of batteries

           1. the battery pack loading and unloading by the professional staff to complete, to avoid wiring errors. Do not use the battery upside down.

           2. digital frequency power start state, is strictly prohibited from the battery pack, otherwise it will cause damage to electrical devices.

           3. the old battery by the sales business unified treatment, to avoid environmental pollution.

Function and instrument display


1. the battery voltage display    2. the left turn signal    3. headlamp instructions

4. right turn lights    5. oil display    6. speed table

7. a single mileage display    8. when the door is turned on the total mileage

9, power display

Generator assembly (igniter indicator)


When the red light is on, the ignition oil is on. Please check the oil capacity.

The actual product does not match, only as a schematic statement to the actual sales of products shall prevail, not as a basis for testing products.

How to start the vehicle


1. the door will be inserted into the key lock, spin to open the cushion, the barrel of the open circuit to ON (open) position.

2. the key rotation to ON (open) position, dashboard display that power is turned on.

3. inward (counterclockwise) turn speed control (right hand), the vehicle began to start, the speed of rotation from small to large, speed also followed by slow to fast.

4. the battery power shortage in the economy and the middle file can be automatically or in the high-speed manual start digital inverter power operation.

5. turn the switch on the "○" file for the flame.

6. the long-term storage of digital frequency power can lead to deterioration of gasoline is difficult to start, with a screwdriver to open the carburetor oil cup under the screw off some of the modified gasoline and then start.

On the way to note

           1. in the vehicle just started, slow acceleration can be avoided instantaneous increase caused by the start of the current is too large waste of electricity.

           2. for the battery, the motor to maintain the best performance, in the vehicle climbing, load start, please start the digital variable frequency power.

           3. in order to ensure safety, driving on the way should try to use economic speed, and to minimize the frequent braking, frequent start to save energy.

           4. driving should be avoided after the brake is still tightening the speed of the phenomenon, so as not to overload the motor and damage other parts.

           5. pure electric state, the controller has overload protection, overload will automatically cut off the power, to be back to normal, the power automatically connected. Start the digital frequency conversion power to help the vehicle run.

           6. in the muddy or uneven road on the road, try to use energy saving files.

Parking precautions

           1. when the implementation of the car should be off when the power switch to prevent the implementation of the intention to turn the speed of the car suddenly started accident.

           2. parking should be turned off the power, remove the key.

           3. for your driving safety, but also to keep the car in the best condition, please carry out regular maintenance and cleaning.

Second, the disclaimer
Please do not privately on the body, cable, electrical parts, motors and other related to the performance of the car to transform; cable, electrical components of the private modification, will result in vehicle performance degradation or electrical performance failure and other circumstances, Shorten the life of the car, the performance can not be effectively protected; the resulting responsibility and loss, Jie Ma company is not responsible, all by the user to bear.
Third, maintenance of common sense
  • Maintenance and common sense

  • Routine maintenance

  • Lead acid battery maintenance

  • Lithium battery maintenance

  • Motor maintenance

  • 1.Rechargeable:

    The battery should be kept with the use of charging habits, can not wait until the battery with light and then charge, this will affect the battery life.
    Such as long-term do not have to charge a monthly electricity Please use the supporting special charger.

  • 2.Multis maintenance:

    In case of rain water, can not let the water flooded the center of the hub.
    Get off in time to close the door, usually the tire full of gas.
    In the uphill, wind and other heavy load situation, with foot power. In case of failure in time to send manufacturers designated special maintenance department maintenance.

  • 3.Ground lubrication:

    According to the use of the front axle, axle, shaft, flywheel, fork, shock absorber fulcrum and other parts every six months to 1 year to scrub and lubrication (recommended molybdenum disulfide grease).
    The drive parts in the electric hub have been coated with special lubricants, and the user does not have to scrub and lubricate themselves.

  • 1.Should be noted before use:

    Electric cars should pay attention to check the use of the vehicle before the situation is good, such as tire pressure is sufficient, before and after the brake is sensitive, whether the vehicle abnormal sound, the screw is loose, the battery is fully charged.

  • 2.Should be noted when starting:

    In the vehicle just started, should be slow to accelerate, to avoid instantaneous rapid damage damage components. In order to extend the life of the battery, the motor, in the vehicle start, climbing application foot power.

  • 3.Travel should be noted:

    In the premise of ensuring safety, driving should be minimized frequent braking, start to save energy. When driving the brake should be released to speed, so as not to damage the motor and other parts. Get off when the implementation of the power should be turned off to prevent the implementation of the intention to turn the speed of the car suddenly started accident.

  • 4.Charging should be noted:

    Do not use other brands of chargers, each brand of charger and battery performance is matched, only a dedicated charger, in order to achieve the best charging effect.

  • 5.Charger should be noted:

    Charger Charger contains high voltage lines, not unauthorized removal. When charging, do not cover any items on the charger, should be placed in the ventilation, and pay attention to prevent the liquid and metal particles into the charger inside to prevent falling and impact, so as to avoid damage.

  • 1.Rechargeable:

    Charge, avoid "deep discharge". Riding electric cars to develop the day to use the day the habit of charging, riding every day no matter how far the best battery will be filled with electricity, do not wait for the light and then recharge.

  • 2.Charging should be noted:

    The battery should be closed in the car when the battery lock, do not put the battery charge upside down, charging as much as possible once filled. If the smell of the process if the smell or the battery temperature is too high, you should immediately stop charging and maintenance department maintenance. Remove the battery when charging, do not use wet hands or keys and other metal contact electrode at both ends, so as not to burn.
    Charging, charging indicator shows full charge when not immediately stop charging, should be slow to slow 2-3 hours.

  • 3.Use battery attention:

    Long-term do not have time to charge every month a power, the battery should be filled with electricity after the deposit, should not be stored in the state of loss of power.

  • 4.Charging should be noted:

    When charging, use a dedicated charger. Because the battery formula and the process is different from the technical requirements of the charger is not the same, which kind of charger charge what brand of battery can be filled, are not the same, so do not mix the charger.

  • 5.Protect the battery:

    To protect the battery, the user can use with the charge, but can not use the rebound voltage to drive, to prevent serious loss of power, the battery is no electricity, should turn off the power ride.

  • 1.Should be noted before use:

    Recommended shallow shallow release, not overcharge, not over the release

  • 2.Use battery attention:

    After a full discharge, must immediately charge, if not immediately charge, it will damage the battery.
    If the battery is not used for a long time, you must charge once every two months to maintain 80% of the best electrical storage.

  • 3.Charging should be noted:

    It is recommended to avoid low temperature charging, the minimum temperature can not be less than 10 ℃ (Hint: winter can not be charged in the outdoor and carport)

  • 4.Lithium battery principle:

    Lithium battery storage (to avoid low temperature) process, the general 2 months need to recharge once, mainly because the battery self-discharge and protection board power consumption caused.

  • 5.Charger should be noted:

    Never use lead-acid battery charger to charge lithium battery.

  • Why is the high-speed rotating motor more than the noise of the low-speed motor?

    Electric cars use the motor there are three:
    (1)High speed motor with brush. Motor efficiency, overload climbing ability, starting torque, through the variable speed gear device to slow down after the output power, noisy.
    (2)Brushless low speed motor. No reduction gear device, with maintenance-free, no noise advantages. But the controller is complex, start the current, overload climbing ability is poor.
    (3)Brush low speed motor, no gear unit gear device, simple structure, low cost, starting onboard overload capacity is poor, power consumption.
    Because the high speed motor has high speed (high speed motor 3000 rpm and low speed motor 500 rpm), it is necessary to output high torque power after deceleration through the gear reduction gear, so its noise is relatively large than the low speed motor noise. High-speed than low-speed motor production process is complex, high cost.

Fourth, additional instructions
※For your car please timely maintenance※