Zhejiang XiLiChi Electric Vehicle Co Ltd

XinXiLi dual-mode inverter electric car production base is located in China's hardware capital Yongkang, where beautiful mountains and rivers, beautiful scenery, the rise of China's hardware from here opened the curtain.

Electric car as a green sunrise industry in China has been developing for ten years, by the end of 2010, China's electric bicycles have reached 120 million, however, in 2014 the overall sales of electric vehicle industry has shown a downward trend, the traditional electric car has been unable to meet the market demand. XinXiLi dual-mode inverter electric car, is based on years of research and development experience, focus on the development of the industry in the future, has been seeking consumer demand for electric car program optimal solution to achieve the perfect fusion of traditional and technology.

Car mobile power generation, breaking the mileage limit. Unlimited mileage, with you thousands of miles away. Innovative hybrid, dual-mode switch, pure electric driving or oil and electricity can be mixed for XinXiLi to provide unlimited possibilities, imminent. In the use of hybrid driving, XinXiLi also for the battery storage of surplus energy, the perfect realization of the power cycle, for your next trip to provide power.

Technology, economy, green, this is the purpose of XinXiLi pursuit!

company culture

Brand culture: the achievements of a class of glory and dreams / corporate vision: to create a better trip to the new world;

Business positioning: global business travel service providers / corporate values: endless music, worry-free travel;

Business goals: 5 years to achieve 100,000 dream rider